Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Close Call

These owls have lived at the Kane County Court House for years and have had babies many times.

Since this is such a long post…I will treat you with some of the floral arrangements I finished this past week…….

Have you ever turned completely white and almost fainted....well that was me today when they called my name at about 2:00 this afternoon. We sat in the jury box, the hot seat, and replied to questions for approximately 2 hours.

The case was a medical malpractice suit with few details regarding the circumstances surrounding the death of a woman. I can only make inferences from what I heard and saw, so I really do not have any more information than that.

All I can say was, it was very a long, arduous process due to a very particular and detailed plaintiff's attorney.

I was called from the jurors box, into private session/chambers with regards to the questionnaire I filled out before being called as a juror. "Have you ever had any medical procedures that you were not satisfied with?" My answer was yes because as a young girl, approximately 16 years old, I had my tonsils removed.

In the recovery room my lungs collapsed. I turned blue because I could not breathe. My last thought was "I am going to die" as I banged on the side of the gurney. Obviously I did not die. I do remeber receiving a shot in the leg, tubes in my throat and then nothing after that point. I returned to my room much later that evening and was in hospital for approximately a week as I developed pneumonia and needed continued breathing treatments.

The anesthesiologist had left me in recovery before I was awake, so that he could do some Christmas shopping. He did not follow protocol and wait for to insure I would wake up. Although the event was terrifing, we never filed any law suit in this, but my father did make his emotions/feelings very clear to this anesthesiologist when he came to check on me the next morning. He had this terrible habit of jingling the change in his pocket and did it through the whole confrontation with my father.

Take a guess….I can not stand it when people shake the change in their pockets!!!

After revealing this story and answering as honestly as I could, that I would put aside my emotions regarding this event and be impartial as a juror, I was not dismissed.

Sitting in the "box" following my session in chambers, I reconciled in my own mind that I would be serving as a juror and I had to deal with the change in schedule.

The only reason I was not excited about this opportunity was the fact that this particular case would require us to be there every day until next Friday (I think May 6th).

Approximately an hour later and several other questions, I was released by one of the attorneys. I was out of the courthouse by 4:30, very relieved that I did not have to serve.

Please do not get me wrong...I would have loved to hear the whole story and watch the process play out. I am honored to be selected and at the same time very to those who committed to serving on this jury.

My life at home is all consuming because I have very strong convictions regarding my role as a mom. I do not know if that is good quality or a selfish one. The fact remains, serving for 9 or 10 days would have caused some hardship on our family.

The Accountant assured me they would have survived no matter what happened. I sincerely appreciate those sentiments and know that they would be just fine, families do it all the time and mine is no different.

To all of you working parents out there…my hat goes off to you and all that you give to your family.

To be fair, I did sit on a Coroner's Inquest approximately 3 years back. That was oh so very interesting and I would suggest if you have the stomach for "details", do it when you have the chance.

I do hope to be called as a Juror again... one day....just not when I have a First Communion Party scheduled the same weekend. Too much stress.

Civic Duty

Just to let you know ...
I am on jury duty and you can find me at the Kane County Court House in lovely Geneva Illinois...

...thankfully it is surrounded by outstanding shopping possibilities. As much as I am a patriot, I really hope they don't choose me. With Hannah's Party around the corner I am about to panic...
I couldn't sleep last night thinking about jury duty and top that off with more creative ideas for the party...the brain is about to explode.
I will keep you posted...we can use our computers.

Monday, April 27, 2009

The wind blew...

...and my direction was totally changed.

Have you ever had this happen to you? I was all set and prepared for my Communion/Derby Party...the colors were going to be cottage pinks and greens, very feminine...then it happened...whoooosh...I stopped in Anthro and found the sweetest table linens in the whole world.

They made me so happy the first time I looked at them, I knew they had to come home with me and grace my kitchen with their cheerful colors. But as you can see they are no where near pink and green pastels. They have bold fun summery colors. I told you I am ready to move on already....just didn't think it would hit so soon.

So with that changed many other things have to change along with it. Floral arrangements are out the window and replaced with varieties of red roses, actually roses are more fitting for a derby party.

Oh no, I couldn't just stop there. There are themed parties associated with the Derby. In Field Parties, Silks Parties and Winners Circle just to name a few. With all the colors the jockey's wear I thought I would go toward the Silks theme. I came up with the idea to make banners of colorful fabrics that would stretch across my living room area and kitchen.

My neighbor and good friend Gina sat with me on Saturday night and cut out all the triangles while I sewed them together. All that is left to do is sting them along with bias tape...today's project.

Tomorrow we will put the finishing touches on Hannah's dress, I have the menu completed and everything else should fall in place. I will post tomorrow about the menu as time is a wasting....I really need to get my butt moving

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Who doesn't love a give away...

Michelle Arnold from Vintage Grace is having a jewelry give away!!!! Just in time for Mothers Day...Oh my heart is it right around the corner as well. Take a peek, her creations are just gorgeous, and don't forget as a mom you get to treat yourself as well.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday Update

Ok...as I said previously..this is a nutty week and I finally realize that I love staying home and getting "stuff" done.

I did manage to get out a few florals that have been floating around in my mind for some time...If you can believe it I am already thinking towards Memorial Day and the summer months. I think Spring has taken too long to arrive and I am fast forwarding time.

We had snow/sleet the other night and I think I almost cried. I did my best to cover the plants I transplanted but not sure if they survived the prolonged cold snap.

Does anyone realize that next weekend is the First Communion/Derby Party. I am so in trouble on so many different levels.

First off, I am still working on Hannah's dress. I completly changed the pattern and mocked it up to fit my likes and then added dupioni silk to the top. My mom thankfully is pulling me through all this and we should finish it up by the weekend. I will certainly have the unveiling for you soon.

I do not have my dress or my hat and need some serious help. Here are some of the selections I found on line last night.

Derby Option Number 1 Anthro

Derby Option 2 Anthro
I have been out and about looking but because I hate ( I know that is a strong word but I do) showing my arms, which in turn widdles my selection down to nothing. To add to the nonsense...I don't like clothes to be too tight on me. Yes, I know I have issues but it's just me.

Love love love this dress... Anthro
Could I put a tshirt under? Could I wear a sweater?

This I just adore...Garnet Hill

As far as the menu is concerned that will be nailed down this weekend but I know for certain it will have a Kentucky feel. Pulled Pork and Beef Brisket, Fried Chicken and lots of Grilled Shrimp for starters.

In my last post I indicated that I had to go to a doctor's appointment. Well, I did and this is what I got.

It is 45 different household allergens that they are testing me for. I have had a strange on and off rash, that covers a good portion of my body, since early December and my skin has paid a high price.

These patches will stay on until tomorrow morning at 10:00 and then we will unveil the results. If I can just tell you now, they are itching up a storm and I want to rip off those bandages right now. On the bright side of things, we have had a great time making jokes about what the allergens might be...

The Accountant say there must be one on there for "budgets" and "saving money" since it is such an on going problem for me. Yep...I am sure he's right but I don't think that will change too much in the scheme of things.

Stay tuned as there is lots more to come this week, Sandwich Antiques Market, First Baseball Games, Party Ideas and Planning :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Surprised by Family Circle

Has anyone checked out Family Circle lately? I just subscribed because I am on magazine with drawls and needed a fix.

I have to say I really enjoyed this April 17th issue. The cover featured look alike Hostess treats and I thought The Accountant was going to eat the paper. We reminisced about Twinkies and all the other "oh so bad for you treats".

Tomorrow I am going to order the pan to make the Sponge Cakes or better know as Twinkies...

They also had a design feature called 50 Under $50. It listed ideas for entertaining and decorating that wouldn't kill a budget...and wouldn't you know...one of my favorite designer/blogger/thrifter/jack of all trades...Eddie Ross is quoted.

"If you have matching lamps on either side of your sofa or bed, split them up and use them in different places to keep a room from looking too coordinated."

He is everywhere...you can't escape his creativity. Congratulations, again, Eddie! You are covering the world!

This week is extremely busy with appointments, sports activities, party planning and back outside to finish up more planting. Hopefully tomorrow I can share something fun with you about my adventures. With a doctors appointment conveniently located at Oak Brook Shopping Center, trouble can just pop up anywhere. (ps don't tell The Accountant)

Thank you Tara

I just wanted to thank Tara at 'Blondie in SC" for mentioning me as an inspiration. It makes me so happy to know that as much as all of you are inspiring and encouraging to me, I can do something in return. This has been a wonderful experience and I feel just as lucky.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Another Farm Chicks Give Away

As I said the other night...I am learning so much from blogging. There is a whole new world out there to explore and thanks to all of you, I am just in awe of what you can find. (This is where The Accountant falls on the floor and cries).

Teri and Serena are posting about an oh so sweet fabric/decor company Pixie Dust Decor and its founder Stacy McCallum. I am just in love with the soft gentle designs..personally the Lime Pagoda and Watermelon Lattice :) Stop on over and check it out if you haven't already.

Kitchen switcheroo...

When we designed our kitchen we incorporated glass doors with bead board in the back of the cabinet. So, obviously I knew everything would be exposed and in full view. In fact I rather enjoy looking at some of my favorite plates and glassware, I prefer not to hide them since they spend much of their time dormant and in hiding.

Now sometimes I get tired of the look or I just don't have all the right pieces to pull the desired look together, (nor would The Accountant be happy with my purchasing new pieces to complete the "look").

So, last year I decided to make curtains for the inside of the door. This would hide my mess and give the kitchen a little different feel. Because the cabinets were brand new, I could not dare drill a hole for the curtain rods needed to hold up the curtains...hummmmmm.

In walks 3M removable hooks to save the day! The curtain rods are the smallest you could find, so they would fit perfectly in the "cord minders". The "cord minders" actually wrap around the curtain rod, so when you put one in each corner of the door they actually cause just the right amount of tension to keep the curtain taught.

Beautiful!!!! Now that is not where I stop with these great tools of modern invention! I use them anywhere I do not feel comfortable putting holes in my walls or wood work...there are styles for all kinds of tasks.

In the past I have not taken as many pictures of my home as I should, but I promise the next time I come up with a new twist to my infatuation with 3M I will document it. Past uses have been to hang picture frames from bookshelves, hang all kinds of things from my ceilings for parties (snowflakes, stars, balloons..you get the idea)and even for their intended purposes of holding keys :). The best part of it all is that they don't leave a mark and just pull away when I am done.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Almost a week....

....since my last post. I feel as if I have lost track of time between being sick and planning/preparing Easter.

Being new to the world of blogging I am finding it an interesting forum.. as I go through my days, thinking of ideas to share, I feel a kindred spirit with all of you who take the time to read my post and especially those of you who leave comments.

I don't want to bore you with mundane commentary on my life but, I do want to share the experiences that happen to me. I have so many creative ideas floating around in my head, that I find it hard to remember to slow down and actually document them in picture format.

So, for tonight, I want to share with you the best news of the weekend. I had my first sale generated by my Internet presence. A friend that I know in town happened to see my blog and the arrangements that I had posted. She contacted me through Facebook and asked if one was still available...

I want to thank Ann so much for purchasing two of my arrangements....although friends and neighbors have purchased many arrangements and even contracted me to decorate for them, this sale was driven by both my blog and facebook.

It was a great lift to know someone else out there liked what they saw, enough to contact me and stop by my home. It may seem small but to me it was a great feat.

The Easter Eve dinner was a success with most of the food being consumed and very few leftovers to be had. The camaraderie of both families is amazing and it makes your heart feel as if you have done something good when you bring people together.

I feel as if I haven't devoted enough time to sharing some of my thrifty decorating ideas. I promise I will share one with you tomorrow as the kids are off to school.

Just let me give you a sneak peak....I love 3M supplies. Stay with me, you will love this one.

Thanks again everyone and have a great evening!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter Eve Menu Settled

After a night of tossing and turning with a stuffy, runny nose I finally determined my Easter Eve menu. Not much else to do when you are up alone in the middle of the night.
So here it is:

Grilled Adobe Shrimp
Asparagus and Serrano Ham rolled in Crepes with Dill Mayo
Homemade Crab Cakes

Spring Salad with Strawberries, Blue Cheese, Walnuts and Poppy Seed Dressing

Homemade Fettuccini with Asparagus and Shrimp in a light white sauce

Honey Baked Ham
With Garlic Roasted Fingerling Potatoes

Spring Trifle with Lady Fingers, Strawberries and Vanilla Cream
Lamb Cake Pound Cake
Fresh Fruit

The reason we are celebrating on Easter Eve is because most of the Doherty's live in Northwest Indiana, making it a long haul for a Sunday event. It also gives all of us "outlaws" time to spend with our families as well.

Splitting time between both sides of a family can be tedious, tiring and guilt ridden. Some of my long time family traditions have fallen to the wayside in order to make room for Doherty Traditions.

So this year I am combining both families and having one big extravaganza. We always have a great time when we get together.

The Doherty's are much more laid back than the O'Connors. Their modus operendi is play a joke, tease one another and basically just laugh the worries away.

My family on the other hand seems to have a little more drama attached to it. Maybe its just because I know alot more about my family versus The Accountant's??

Mom and Dad Doherty are the most loving, romantic, caring people you will ever meet. They have been married for over 60 years now and still manage to wow us with their devotion to one another.

My parents are a tad younger than the Doherty's, with 45 years of marriage under their belt. They tend to keep things a little more lively and active. There is never a dull moment in their lives, trust me!

They are both amazing parents who with their love have guided us along the way. They have shown us what it is to be loved and how to love. We are blessed to be sharing the Easter Holiday with both sides this Saturday.
I personally think the Doherty's love the commotion us O'Connor's create, its kind of addicting.

Monday, April 6, 2009

No post tonight...

I finally caught the cold. I think I have tried every medicine on the shelves. I am praying for a good night sleep and a new day tomorrow...a day without sneezing, watering eyes, sore teeth, runny nose and over all yuck. I will reveal my Easter Menu tomorrow with all the components of the table scape...ohhh ahhhh
We also have our local election tomorrow and boy I can tell you it will be a heated one. Just sent out my endorsements...I'm done. Good night.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Had too much fun!

Sorry for the delay in getting my newest creations posted but I have been having such a wonderful time with my kids and The Accountant. Spring Break has been so much fun. Even though we didn't hit the beach we managed to keep ourselves busy and The Accountant even took three days off of work (that in itself is amazing).

Went to see Monsters VS Aliens with the cool 3D glasses. We took the train into Chicago to the Field Museum and saw The Real Pirates, Dinosaurs and lots of dead things. We did bowling, roller skating and bumper cars. After all that fun my parents had the kids for a sleep over and let The Accountant and Me have a date night.

The house is a wreck and I am still recovering but I have to say...this parenting thing is pretty neat. The kids are at a point where we can have fun discussions and share ideas together and the dynamics of the relationships are evolving. On our date night we sat back and realized just how blessed we are.

OK on to the other fun stuff I did. Here are the three latest floral arrangements. I had to give The Accountant lessons in the art of artificial flower arranging and unfortunately he is learning how much I spend on these frivolities that make our home what it is. Oh well...

First one I am in love with, I found myself drawn to monochromatic color schemes this year. Last years arrangements were made of multiple colors all in spring hues. I have to say this batch looks much better...plus there are so many new varieties of flowers out there, it's hard to hold back.

The next two are much smaller in scale but still perfect for the front or back door. They just make me happy to look at them.

I will be putting them on Etsy today...and if you ever wanted something custom I would be happy to create it. I am forever collecting silk flowers and have a good assortment available. Enjoy the colors!