Saturday, October 24, 2009

Witchie Poo...

...I love you!

Just a short one today, as I must get to my
last swap and finish organizing my craft room.

Cindy Ellison

Plus, I think we finally, have the
Halloween House all decorated
and ready for next weekend's party.
I will post after the party as I don't want to
ruin the surprise for the guests.


My style has been going through an evolution as I told you in the past but, 

there are certain things that I collect on a continual basis.

One of them is Witchie Poos.

I love their faces, full of mystery and haggard good looks.

Surrender Dorothy


Kind of like me when I get up too early.

Enchanted Gypsy

I am not into today's wicken movement or anything magical.

I just like the iconic image and enjoy the folk lure behind them.

My Grandma Corky (Corcoran) was often referred to as a
good witch, because she had this
amazing talent of knowing something was amiss
before anyone would even tell her...

(not posting a picture of Grandma this time, I have to scan in some of the images since
she has been in heaven for some time now.)

Plus, she had this hysterical was kind of a cackle but filled
with so much joy and happiness, you couldn't help
but laugh along and feel good in the moment.

This witch did not make me smile...she gave me more
nightmares than anything.
Yet, I have her in my collection to prove that
I have grown up ... but in the all truth, she still freaks me out.

Enjoy the bewitching spirit of Halloween and just have fun
with it.  It's evolved into a holiday of fun and frivality
for kids and adults who want to relive their
childhood love of candy.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Peak of...


Well, this week in Sugar Grove, Illinois the colors
of fall have reached pure perfection!

The trees and bushes are at their brightest and most vibrant moments.

We have a newer home, our little trees have
big tree envy.  This one is at the entrance to our
neighborhood... small as they may be, they have lived up to our
expectations and provided us with some
outstanding hues of red, crimson and gold.

As I drive to school each morning, I can't help but
be thankful for all that God has created.

I am going to enjoy this brief art show that God has provided us with...

Because I know...

... we will soon have a big,
driving, rain storm that will
take all the leaves
to the ground and end this spectacular display of nature.

It seems to happen every year.

By the way....

How many of you have these Japenese Beetles invading your home?
Did you know when you feel them pinch or bite you, they are actually peeing on you..
Thus, the terrible, horrible smell right afterwards, the one that you just can't get rid of.

Grossed out aren't you??

Friday, October 16, 2009

It's the weekend....

...what are you going to do?

I don't know about you but, I really look forward to the weekend.

It's a time when you can relax a little or get some long needed
projects done...with some assistance. (Hint, hint Accountant)

It's a time the family spends together without the contraints of
timelables or deadlines.

It's a time to breathe in and just take things as they come.

In the past week, I have read a number of blogs where we seem to be
focusing on dreams and finding what it is
that makes us really happy.

What makes me really happy ... WATER
I need to live on WATER.

I want my family to have the tranquility and serentiy that only
water can provide their souls.

For years I have dreamed about owning a cottage home on a lake
somewhere, anywhere, just take me there!

I have dreamed of what the exterior would look like, how many beds we can fit in
so that friends and family can visit us frequently.

I dreamed the kitchen would be big enough to accomidate a large crowd with
sandy feet and dripping wet swimsuits. 

It would have a large fireplace so that in the winter months we could
warm up by a roaring fire after ice skating and sledding on the lake. 

Big comfy couches and chairs would be covered in washable
slip covers and soft rugs would be underfoot when it came time to relax after
an exhausting day fishing, skiing, swimming, and just plain
breathing in all the fresh air that mother nature would allow us.

Life would be a little slower paced and relaxation would be the rule.
Yes, there would be projects and upkeep but, hey... your on a lake with a beautiful view,
you are blessed to have this kind of peace in your bad could it be.

One day I know my dream will come true.
"The Accountant" has come around to understand
the magic that is WATER.

I only wish it would happen sooner than later.
I am kind of impatient when it comes this things like this,
but I also know that the right time
will present itself...this is an event not to be rushed.

God if you can hear me...I am really trying :)

Enjoy every moment of your weekend and if you are fortunate enough to live on a lake...
as you look out over the water and have one for me!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Wand's... there and everywhere!

I have been busy in my "oh so messy" workroom lately.

I am always happiest when my hands are busy creating.
So, let me share my latest with you.

First of all I had the pleasure of making a
gift for a very dear and talented
young lady.

Most of you already know

Friends that she had recently spent time with
thought a wand suited her "Twinkle Toes" persona, and
sent one as a gift to Kasey.

Lucky for me, Kasey was having an open house and
I was able to hand deliver the special wand.
The wand came complete with charms of a shoe, the Eiffel Tower, a statue of Mary,
vintage laces and papers.

I hope you are enjoying the "Magic" Kasey.

Next order up...
A mother who was looking for some extra inspiration
in her busy life of being a mother of three.
While talking she decided she wanted a bouquet of wands
to display on her bedroom dresser.

Each of the wands has a specific source of magic.
Faith, Family, Strength, Peace, Love

Personally, I couldn't think of something more fitting...
when you need a little extra bit of magic, you can pick the wand that
suits the occasion!

Then to my surprise... The ILash Girls
featured me not once but twice!!!!!

Just for the occasion....

Fall Beauties

Thank you so much
Leigh Anne and Sherra!!!

I am honored that you enjoy the wands!

These will be listed in my Etsy Shop
or just contact me if you would like
specially created for you.

Have a wonderful Monday everyone...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Baby....

....turned double digits.

I can't believe my Maguire Gerard Doherty
is 10 years old today

It is just like yesterday that I rocked him to sleep for every nap time.
I never wanted to let him go and savoured ever minute I had with
this tiny (well 8lbs 11oz is not so tiny)
"sack o' potatos"

He has filled our lives with such love and joy,
it's hard to imagine he is growing so quickly.

Thank you God for the blessing of being his parent and
having the opportunity to love him and guide him. you will see my other to nuts, have birthdays in the following months
November 8th for Hannah
exactly 1 year and one month from the date of Mac's Birth.
December 12th for Shea
He has a little more spacing 4 years 2 months.
HUMMMM...could you tell my cycle .

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Let me tell you a story...

...about me Da.

He's a funny one to be sure.
Today he sent me these pictures of his Bougenvilla that sits
outside his office window at home.

Along with the picture he sent a little spiritual message.


I’m sending you 2 more photos ( by separate transmission)

of the beautiful Bougenvillea you gave us. It has been the

absolute star of our summer plants. Maybe we can learn

from this creation. If water is withheld, the blooms become

more colorful. Then, when it’s given a healthy drink, the flowers

multiply! You think it might follow that if we humans deprive

ourselves of some small comforts, our aura or demeanor

might be more pleasing to those around us?



PS In the spirit of “full disclosure”, I think I’m trying to get you

to show the plant on your blog!!!!!!!!!!

Now for those of you that know me well, you have a broad smile across your face and those
of you who do not know me might be saying...oh how sweet or how profound.

Yes, he is sweet but oh so "DEEP". 

He could be a great poet and we definately know
he is already a great story teller.

Better yet, he is the one that provides us with the stories that can fill a library. 

There is never a dull moment for my dear Mother who has been married to him for over 45 years now.
They have been through many storms but weather them all with a smile and a profound sense
of humor.

Now some stories are not allowed to be repeated, so I will share some of the
unrestricted variety.

How about the time when Dad went to work with two different shoes on
and didn't notice until the end of the day.  Walked all over Downtown Chicago
in and out of client meetings, never noticing something felt different.
Most likely because he walks 100 mph.

How about one of the millions of times he sat on a plane and
started up an innocent conversation with the person sitting next to him.
This time he happened to be sitting in this beatiful lady's seat and thus a conversation insued.

While they were talking a third party, which happened to be a man of another race, sat in the open seat.
Conversation continued and she indicated that
she and her husband were off to Paris for their honeymoon.

Insert Dad's comment..."Where is your husband?"...she comes back..."He is sitting next to me."
Dad inserts foot into mouth and quickly starts the back stroke.
Fumble fumble fumble... numberous rounds of cocktails for all, not to mention getting
them into the Red Carpet Club at the Airport and things are
hopefully smoothed over.

This one goes a little further back to my niece's birthday party with a bunch of I believe 8 year olds.
All children are finally seated for lunch and it is now down to a low roar.
Too quiet for Dad, so he taps (open handed slap) one of the kids on
the back of the head and says "Pass it On."
Just put the picture in your mind...pure chaos insues and my Mom about kills him.

How about love love it but he is constantly trying to come up with a new swing.
With those new swings he has hit my cousin in the back of the head not only once
but twice on the same hole
just another day.

Practicing golf in the back yard with a net...hummm...
Mom says, "your a little too far back...don't you think..."
Dad, "Wow,  that one went far"....CRASH
One house house down and another to go...and he finally gets it...
move closer to the net.

But for all the funny stories I can tell you ... which makes our life that much better...there are those
that would melt your heart.

He is a man who would give you the shirt off his back and help you any
by any means in his powers. 

He stands up for those who can not stand for themselves. 
Puts their needs above his own. 

His grandchildren adore him for his sense of humor and ability to be "silly"

His children look up to him as he has shown them how to
be the "good" people we are. ( Just a few little knocks in the head along the way)

His family and friends would have had a completely different life
without his influence and guidance and I can honestly say,
we are all better off for having my Dad in our lives.

While the stories can fill volumes of books, I must close now, because that sentamental feeling
has come over me.  The pictures throughout the years bring back a flood of memories
and remind me how blessed I have been and how lucky we all are.

You asked for it you got it Dad!
I love you!