Friday, October 16, 2009

It's the weekend....

...what are you going to do?

I don't know about you but, I really look forward to the weekend.

It's a time when you can relax a little or get some long needed
projects done...with some assistance. (Hint, hint Accountant)

It's a time the family spends together without the contraints of
timelables or deadlines.

It's a time to breathe in and just take things as they come.

In the past week, I have read a number of blogs where we seem to be
focusing on dreams and finding what it is
that makes us really happy.

What makes me really happy ... WATER
I need to live on WATER.

I want my family to have the tranquility and serentiy that only
water can provide their souls.

For years I have dreamed about owning a cottage home on a lake
somewhere, anywhere, just take me there!

I have dreamed of what the exterior would look like, how many beds we can fit in
so that friends and family can visit us frequently.

I dreamed the kitchen would be big enough to accomidate a large crowd with
sandy feet and dripping wet swimsuits. 

It would have a large fireplace so that in the winter months we could
warm up by a roaring fire after ice skating and sledding on the lake. 

Big comfy couches and chairs would be covered in washable
slip covers and soft rugs would be underfoot when it came time to relax after
an exhausting day fishing, skiing, swimming, and just plain
breathing in all the fresh air that mother nature would allow us.

Life would be a little slower paced and relaxation would be the rule.
Yes, there would be projects and upkeep but, hey... your on a lake with a beautiful view,
you are blessed to have this kind of peace in your bad could it be.

One day I know my dream will come true.
"The Accountant" has come around to understand
the magic that is WATER.

I only wish it would happen sooner than later.
I am kind of impatient when it comes this things like this,
but I also know that the right time
will present itself...this is an event not to be rushed.

God if you can hear me...I am really trying :)

Enjoy every moment of your weekend and if you are fortunate enough to live on a lake...
as you look out over the water and have one for me!


Tracey said...

Hey Janet! Can I come for a glass of wine when you get your cottage???

Have a great weekend! I'm headed to Bloomington to hang with my bestie and then go to the last "Third Sunday Market" of the season...

:) T

Kasey said...

let me know when you find that cottage!!

Kris said...

I came to your blog from the Silver Bella yahoo board. You have such beautiful pix and I love your heading.

Kris Malone

Firefly Hill said...

I hope you get your cottage on a lake...


Jeanneoli said...

Your dream sounds fabulous!!! Luckily you live in an area with lots of lakes within a short drive. Here is to sweet dreams!