Friday, May 29, 2009

Off to Country Living Women Entrepeneurs...

If anyone is attending this event...I will be there.

Navy Pier....Chicago, Illinois
I am really looking forward to meeting some blogging friends and learning more about what it will take for me to be successful.
My brain is ready willing and able.
Have my camera by my side and I promise to report back on all the fun things I learn.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend as well!!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hot off the Press...


Just in the nick of time....Teacher's Magic Wands!

I just finished my teacher's gifts. My guys have their last day of school on Friday and can you believe this ...ONE HOUR on Monday.

These wands have been on my mind for a long time ... ever since Christmas when I found these beautiful apples.

Each wand is different ... I wish I could show you better detail but my camera isn't that good.

I have two additional wands available and will be selling them for $35.00 if anyone is interested. They will look very similar to these but will have their own feeling. If anyone needs one in a pinch just let me know, I can get it out asap.

I just hope each teacher knows how much magic they hold ... every time they hold the wand they will feel the love in their heart grow. The love they have imparted on my children has been absolutely amazing and this will be a reminder of how special they are.

Thank you TEACHERS for all that you do!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Favorite Bloggers....passing on the award

There are too many favorites for me to pick..
But since I have to are just a few. I really can't tell you how much I have grown as a person just by reading all of your thoughts, opinions, creative ideas and anything else you have on your mind.

So to you I pass on the Kreativ Blogger Award.
For keeping me on my toes and my brain a working!

Delightful Home
Ms T
Nice and Easy Antiques
Cottage Charm and Family Inspiration
Clara and Marcela
Firefly Hill
Everyday Beauty
The Wild Raspberry
Chasity, Shauna and Deborah
Patina Soul
Fawn Hamilton
Vintage Grace
Michelle Grace
Tied up Memories
Acorn Cottage
Christina aka Neena
Crazy Lady on Road 80
Shell in your pocket
Sandy Toes


To all of those that every day defend our country and it's freedoms!

We Salute You!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Give aways, awards and swaps...oh my

I feel so out of the loop. I have been so busy in the garden and not at my computer. My days are not the same if I don't visit you guys and all the inspiration you provide tonight is my night to pull up a chair, a glass of wine and catch up with you.

Before I do that I must mention a few things you might find interesting....

Don't forget: Tonight is the last night for Tara's Give Away at Blonde in SC...she has featured four outstanding creative talents who kindly agreed to donated something to Tara's Giveaway
If you never visited Tara before, you will find that she is a witty spirit that brings a smile to your face every time you read her posts.

Secondly: I wanted to mention that I am in a new first one to be exact and I am really excited. Lori at Morning Glories and Moonflowers is hosting a Nancy Drew swap. When I saw the post about the Nancy Drew Series, I had to smile from ear to ear.

You see as a young girl, my best friend Connie Kiefer and I use to read these books. I would have to say Connie read most of them and I just puttered along. We were even pictured in the local news paper for our avid affection of both the library and Nancy Drew.

I finished reading my assigned selection, The Clue of the Tapping Heels, last night. My mother would have been so proud, finished in under two hours.

It's time to prepare for the real fun...swapping. I have never participated in a swap before, so I am a little nervous. I don't want to let my two partners down. Lea from Alemeda, California and Kathy from Miami, Florida . Girls, please know I am trying my best to send you something that will make you smile. If anyone has some ideas, please share them with me.

Finally: I was bestowed a wonderful honor by a very creative person from Michigan.
Sue from Chic Cottage Junk gave me the Creative Blogger Award.

I had always wondered what it was all about and now I finally understand. I feel very honored that Sue thought of me :) (So does The Accountant) Thanks Sue!!!! You really made my day!

Please check out her blog, her repurposed "junk" is out of this world. I think I need to have one of these bird cage organizers!!!

So as part of this award I am suppose to give it away to Seven other wonderful bloggers that I follow, I am to leave them a comment and then post their blogs here. I am also to write seven things I am grateful for....

That is a tall order for I promise tomorrow after all my running around I will post seven of my favorite blogs (that proves to be very daunting task at this point since I think my favorites file is filled with over 100) and the seven things I am most thankful for. It will have much better detail this way, I promise.

Have a great night everyone...I am off to the Doc tomorrow to do a little more research on my mysterious illness that has been still lurking around. All those allergy patches we did yielded nothing. We did a biopsy on one of the multiple "spots" which only told us it was something internal. It could be a virus, it could be a medication that I am taking or something else that we just don't know. I can follow up with that tomorrow as well, since I feel a long winded post coming :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thank you BIG SIS!!!

This weekend I received such a sweet surprise! A package arrived with the daily mail and The Accountant immediately accused me of too much shopping... once again.

Much to my delight it was a gift from my Big Sister, Sheila R. from Blessed and Distressed.

Now I was not "blessed" with a sister in my childhood but I have gained one through Silver Bella. Yes, its a double blessing. I am going in November to this unbelievable event in Omaha, Nebraska and I have a big sister to help me through.

For all of us that are attending our first "Bella" we have been given the opportunity to have a Big Sister who has been through the program before. I will no longer be "distressed" about attending this event alone. Sheila has offered to get me prepared ahead of time and help me navigate the waters once I arrive.

The creations that Sheila posts on her blog..Blessed and Distressed...I know I am in for a world of learning and inspiration.

The chatter and camaraderie before this event is just an unbelievable experience. The excitement grows each day and everyone is helping us Freshman prepare for this great event.

Thank you Sheila for the made me feel part of the group already and its only May.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hungry for Sandwich!

Today was so yummy! Beautiful sunny, 60 degree weather greeted me and my trusty little shopping cart this morning. The day was so nice it caused a few of my shopping pals to join in on my adventrue to the wonderful Sandwich Antiques Market.
When we arrived, the day got even tastier.
Instead of lots of words tonight...I give you lots of pictures instead.
Should have bought it...but didn't
I am going to install a water fountain on either on my back patio or in the garage. That way all the kids can have a drink outside and stop running through my house.
I met someone new today...Diane Passi, she is from Wheaton (or Glen Ellyn...yikes I forgot). We talked for a little and I was fortunate enough to get her card. The next few pics are from her booth, which I found to be so much fun. You can tell she is so full of creativity.

My next stop was at my favorite spot in all of the market...Michelle Jackson and her mother own Willows and together they have the most wonderfully creative displays. They come in every month from Dubuque, Iowa and much to my delight remake their displays to coordinate with the present season.Just keep looking because everytime you think you have seen it find something new. Today's theme was mushrooms!
See those wicker bottles..they are now mine. I just need the right spot....
The merchandising is just outstanding and makes you just want to take it all home. Now you know The Accountant would die if I did that.
But there are times when you just can't help yourself!
I only wish I had a bigger budget.

OK just one more...

Now these are the deals I came home with and can I say good deals....
A new comfy chair that has found a home in my bedroom or master bath..not sure have to play around with that after I steam clean it...
Couldn't resist getting a feed sack....I have seen so many of you get creative with making them into pillows and seat covers, I decided I couldn't help myself and started my collection, which made it's home on the front porch. Definately need some more to complete the look.I already put a pillow in the one I purchased and The Accountant has started putting it to good use as he drinks his glass of wine and greets the neighborhood.I love floral frogs...these came from Diane Passi's spot.
I picked up this sweet picnic is in great shape. I hope to assemble a colorful summer party basket with plates, glasses and all things that will help someone create the perfect setting. Work in progress.
This little bucket can hang from the wall and the spiget on the front is in working order. I think I am going to use it outside for hand washing. That way before the kids come in from catching frogs and toads they can clean up just a little bit :) Another item for the plumber to help me with.
I picked up a few more items, but forgot to photgraph them...a nice tiny silver box that reminds me of my friend Nanci and some colored aluminum glasses to start filling my party basket.
Hope you enjoyed my trip...I certainly did. I found that there were a lot fewer vendors this year, but those that were there really wanted to be there. They understand times are tough for all of us, but they realize that we still have a need for our stuff! They were very fair in their pricing and as always so full of helpful information. Thanks for making it a great day...especially to Michelle and her mother who spent a lot of time talking with me. It was fun.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

My baby looses a tooth...

I finally get to experience Shea loosing his first tooth....NATURALLY!

Yes, there is a story behind that statement.
Back in December, I was in hospital and my dear friend and neighbor graciously took care of my children. Taking them to and from school, feeding them and genuinely loving them as I would have.
Unfortunately, for her, Shea and her son have a very unique relationship. It's not love/hate/....its more like a competitive kind of love.
Well, as they were playing/running like nutty kids, Shea ran head into this poor little guys head.

What ensued was a lost front tooth with tons of blood and drama. Gina, God love her, called our neighbor...who just happens to be a dentist...and gets Shea to her office promptly.

The tooth quickly comes out and all is fine... just try to tell that to a mother who is lying in bed, worrying that she is not doing her job as a mom. I cried upon learning of the ordeal and cried even more when I saw that sweet little face.

When you get to the bottom of couldn't have happened any better. We now have a story that will be shared by both families for the rest of our lives.

Our neighbors happen to be some of our best friends.

Our children play with one another constantly. We share birthdays and holidays with each other and come to rely on each other in many ways.

It is a blessing you don't get very often.

In coming months Gina and I will start preparing for her annual Halloween Party. Last year we set the bar pretty this year we are going to raise it. We will share with you all the fun details as we get closer to the date.