Monday, January 25, 2010

Can you feel... in the air?

I feel the love of glass!

I hit one of my favorite "junk" shops last week
in seach of Valentine Finds.

Pink Toile Napkins fit the bill and how about a perfect little bowl to match.

Lots of pink depression glass
But what caught my eye over and over again
was plain Glass!

Cut Glass

Stamped or Pressed Glass

I also thought of a romantic lace table cloth or

my pink floral bedspread as a table cloth.

What to do with these fun finds.
Well, a tea party would fit the bill
but a little wine tasting could be fun as well.

A little game of HEARTS any one?

What do you have in mind for Valentines Day?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Glasses here...

....there and everywhere!

I wear glasses...the Accountant wears glasses
and now...

Shea wears glasses.

The state of Illinois mandates that every child
entering kindergarden must have a complete eye exam.

Mac and Hannah did not have this mandate so
I just never thought about it.

When I received the letter from school, all I could think
was that "here we go again, more government involvement...
don't they understand moms know best."

Well, much to my surprise the doctor said Shea
really needed glasses. One eye is worse than the other and let
me tell you...these glasses are stong...yikes.

My guilt consumed me and I immediately brought
Mac and Hannah in.
Thankfully, they are just fine and no glasses needed.

I have had glasses since 2nd grade, so I understand that they are
a pain in the butt.  I also understand seeing clearly is a blessing.

He's such a trooper!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

What are you doing...

...the Saturday Morning of February 13th?

Why not join me and a few blogger girlfriends
from the Chicagoland Area,
for a few hours of fun and sharing.

Jen Rizzo over at Sanctuary Arts at Home 
and her friend Amy
have put together a morning in which
we can all meet and have some face time with one another.

So, if your a blogger and want to get to know other bloggers
in the Chicagoland area, think of joining us.

I plan on going because the friends that I have made though
the blogging community have been so
inspiring to me.  They keep me going and challenge my creative self.
Fostering those relationships is important to me!

If you are interested visit Jen's website and get more information.
Hope to see you there!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

What to do with my new....

....Dremel Tool???

Oh the projects that lie ahead of me this year and oh how much fun I am going to have!
Yes, this was a gift I asked for and received from my dear mother.

Around my house I am Mrs. Fix It.

Got a problem, let me find a solution...although
I do not touch plumbing...yuck.

I am thinking of some of the following projects and might just use my new toy.

Although...on this one I am thinking of putting holes in the glass to
make the light speckle.

From Country Living

Refinishing some furniture is first on my list....
any one have a vintage secretary for sale?

....or my new Camera???

Nature really inspires me to take pictures.
The snow that came down after Christmas was amazing and
if I could have figured out how to catch
an individual snow flake in flight ... you would have seen it here.
But, I didn't catch it...not yet.

I have so much to learn about the camera and all the wonderful techniques
you can use with it.  I want to catch those moments on my
kids faces that will make me smile forever.

So, with those words I am off to figure out what will come first...
Camera or Power Tool.