Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hungry for Sandwich!

Today was so yummy! Beautiful sunny, 60 degree weather greeted me and my trusty little shopping cart this morning. The day was so nice it caused a few of my shopping pals to join in on my adventrue to the wonderful Sandwich Antiques Market.
When we arrived, the day got even tastier.
Instead of lots of words tonight...I give you lots of pictures instead.
Should have bought it...but didn't
I am going to install a water fountain on either on my back patio or in the garage. That way all the kids can have a drink outside and stop running through my house.
I met someone new today...Diane Passi, she is from Wheaton (or Glen Ellyn...yikes I forgot). We talked for a little and I was fortunate enough to get her card. The next few pics are from her booth, which I found to be so much fun. You can tell she is so full of creativity.

My next stop was at my favorite spot in all of the market...Michelle Jackson and her mother own Willows and together they have the most wonderfully creative displays. They come in every month from Dubuque, Iowa and much to my delight remake their displays to coordinate with the present season.Just keep looking because everytime you think you have seen it find something new. Today's theme was mushrooms!
See those wicker bottles..they are now mine. I just need the right spot....
The merchandising is just outstanding and makes you just want to take it all home. Now you know The Accountant would die if I did that.
But there are times when you just can't help yourself!
I only wish I had a bigger budget.

OK just one more...

Now these are the deals I came home with and can I say good deals....
A new comfy chair that has found a home in my bedroom or master bath..not sure have to play around with that after I steam clean it...
Couldn't resist getting a feed sack....I have seen so many of you get creative with making them into pillows and seat covers, I decided I couldn't help myself and started my collection, which made it's home on the front porch. Definately need some more to complete the look.I already put a pillow in the one I purchased and The Accountant has started putting it to good use as he drinks his glass of wine and greets the neighborhood.I love floral frogs...these came from Diane Passi's spot.
I picked up this sweet picnic is in great shape. I hope to assemble a colorful summer party basket with plates, glasses and all things that will help someone create the perfect setting. Work in progress.
This little bucket can hang from the wall and the spiget on the front is in working order. I think I am going to use it outside for hand washing. That way before the kids come in from catching frogs and toads they can clean up just a little bit :) Another item for the plumber to help me with.
I picked up a few more items, but forgot to photgraph them...a nice tiny silver box that reminds me of my friend Nanci and some colored aluminum glasses to start filling my party basket.
Hope you enjoyed my trip...I certainly did. I found that there were a lot fewer vendors this year, but those that were there really wanted to be there. They understand times are tough for all of us, but they realize that we still have a need for our stuff! They were very fair in their pricing and as always so full of helpful information. Thanks for making it a great day...especially to Michelle and her mother who spent a lot of time talking with me. It was fun.


Artfulife said...

You got such yummy stuff! I went thrifting this weekend. Didn't see as many unique items as you, but it was fun none the less. Thanks for your card. I got it in the mail yesterday. I'll be dropping it by the JDRF office on Wednesday. Hope you have a great week. Thanks for sharing your fun weekend with all of us.

Sheila R said...

Looks like you got some lovely things! Thanks for sharing!

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Oh Janet, you did great! You walked away with some wonderful stuff. I've got to say that I LOVE your porch!!! (I'm crazy about porches)The feed sack pillow rocks! Good job, enjoy your treasures!!

kath@retromantic antiques said...

Such great stuff! I was so glad to see the pics of Willows. They have one of my favorite stores ever! And thanks so much for stopping by my blog. kath

kath@retromantic antiques said...

Just finally met the Willow girls last month. I usually get to their store on the weekends since I have a full time gig...We had a nice long chat and talked about our love of Kansas City and The Curious Sofa....Hey come on by any time. Give me a call if it is an off weekend. Info on my blog. kath

mysteryhistorymom said...

Such treasures! I wish I could have been there to enjoy the day with you!:) Can I come next time?? Please?:) Lori

Love Where You Live said...

Love that outdoor living room of yours -- on the front porch. I think I'd be parked out there days on end! thanks for the note, btw! see you soon, -susan (p.s. I'm kinda like you . . . catching up with my blog friends. But no wine for me -- at least now when in the store.)