Thursday, May 21, 2009

Give aways, awards and swaps...oh my

I feel so out of the loop. I have been so busy in the garden and not at my computer. My days are not the same if I don't visit you guys and all the inspiration you provide tonight is my night to pull up a chair, a glass of wine and catch up with you.

Before I do that I must mention a few things you might find interesting....

Don't forget: Tonight is the last night for Tara's Give Away at Blonde in SC...she has featured four outstanding creative talents who kindly agreed to donated something to Tara's Giveaway
If you never visited Tara before, you will find that she is a witty spirit that brings a smile to your face every time you read her posts.

Secondly: I wanted to mention that I am in a new first one to be exact and I am really excited. Lori at Morning Glories and Moonflowers is hosting a Nancy Drew swap. When I saw the post about the Nancy Drew Series, I had to smile from ear to ear.

You see as a young girl, my best friend Connie Kiefer and I use to read these books. I would have to say Connie read most of them and I just puttered along. We were even pictured in the local news paper for our avid affection of both the library and Nancy Drew.

I finished reading my assigned selection, The Clue of the Tapping Heels, last night. My mother would have been so proud, finished in under two hours.

It's time to prepare for the real fun...swapping. I have never participated in a swap before, so I am a little nervous. I don't want to let my two partners down. Lea from Alemeda, California and Kathy from Miami, Florida . Girls, please know I am trying my best to send you something that will make you smile. If anyone has some ideas, please share them with me.

Finally: I was bestowed a wonderful honor by a very creative person from Michigan.
Sue from Chic Cottage Junk gave me the Creative Blogger Award.

I had always wondered what it was all about and now I finally understand. I feel very honored that Sue thought of me :) (So does The Accountant) Thanks Sue!!!! You really made my day!

Please check out her blog, her repurposed "junk" is out of this world. I think I need to have one of these bird cage organizers!!!

So as part of this award I am suppose to give it away to Seven other wonderful bloggers that I follow, I am to leave them a comment and then post their blogs here. I am also to write seven things I am grateful for....

That is a tall order for I promise tomorrow after all my running around I will post seven of my favorite blogs (that proves to be very daunting task at this point since I think my favorites file is filled with over 100) and the seven things I am most thankful for. It will have much better detail this way, I promise.

Have a great night everyone...I am off to the Doc tomorrow to do a little more research on my mysterious illness that has been still lurking around. All those allergy patches we did yielded nothing. We did a biopsy on one of the multiple "spots" which only told us it was something internal. It could be a virus, it could be a medication that I am taking or something else that we just don't know. I can follow up with that tomorrow as well, since I feel a long winded post coming :)


the wild raspberry said...

i'd love to win some of tara's giveaway!! she is such a doll.
ooh, i hate unknown itchy bumps...i am allergic to so many medicines--it's crazy. hope they find out what it is.

Jeanneoli said...

Hope they figure out what is going on. Make sure you show us your swap before you send it out!!!

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Swaps are fun, you will have fun for sure! Hope the Doc gets it right this time!

Ms. Tee said...

I loved Nancy Drew as a young girl -sounds like so much fun. Have a great weekend!

Tara said...

There you go being all sweet again Janet...I will not cry today! :) Please show us what you put together for the swap, I just entered my first one too and I am so excited! I do hope they figure out what is going on with your skin soon~ Have a lovely weekend and congrats on your award!! Yahoo!

Firefly Hill said...

Hi Janet,
I hope you are having a great long weekend! I have a whole bunch of old Nancy Drew books that belonged to my mom when she was little. I will always treasure them!


Love Where You Live said...

I used to love Nancy Drew. Heard on the news this mornining, that the President's nominee for Supreme Court also was influenced by Nancy. Nice nostalgia.
(and love your profile pix; too sweet.)

mysteryhistorymom said...

Janet- What a wonderful post, Sweetie! I loved seeing you in the paper! What a sweet memory... You are a true Nancy Drew fan.:)

Please keep us posted on your health, Cutie. It's so frustrating being kept in the dark with no answers! I will keep you in my prayers, Sweetie... Lori