Saturday, October 24, 2009

Witchie Poo...

...I love you!

Just a short one today, as I must get to my
last swap and finish organizing my craft room.

Cindy Ellison

Plus, I think we finally, have the
Halloween House all decorated
and ready for next weekend's party.
I will post after the party as I don't want to
ruin the surprise for the guests.


My style has been going through an evolution as I told you in the past but, 

there are certain things that I collect on a continual basis.

One of them is Witchie Poos.

I love their faces, full of mystery and haggard good looks.

Surrender Dorothy


Kind of like me when I get up too early.

Enchanted Gypsy

I am not into today's wicken movement or anything magical.

I just like the iconic image and enjoy the folk lure behind them.

My Grandma Corky (Corcoran) was often referred to as a
good witch, because she had this
amazing talent of knowing something was amiss
before anyone would even tell her...

(not posting a picture of Grandma this time, I have to scan in some of the images since
she has been in heaven for some time now.)

Plus, she had this hysterical was kind of a cackle but filled
with so much joy and happiness, you couldn't help
but laugh along and feel good in the moment.

This witch did not make me smile...she gave me more
nightmares than anything.
Yet, I have her in my collection to prove that
I have grown up ... but in the all truth, she still freaks me out.

Enjoy the bewitching spirit of Halloween and just have fun
with it.  It's evolved into a holiday of fun and frivality
for kids and adults who want to relive their
childhood love of candy.


Sue said...

Love all your witchies! I'm rather drawn to them as well. I can't wait to see how you decorated for Halloween. I have to admit, my house has been decorated since the end of September. I just love October! By the way, great shoes!

Hope to meet you at Silver Bella in a couple of weeks.

Sue E.

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

I remember being probably 7 or 8 and watching Sleeping Beauty...the scene of the witch holding the apple and laughing still freaks me out!!!!!Your scary witch reminds of that...Eek!!!!

Simply Stated ~ Rebecca said...

Beautiful collection wishes for a frightfully fun Halloween!

Jen R. said...

Great halloween things Janet!

henzy said...

wonderful post

Tracey said...

Hi Janet! Can't wait to see your house all decked out for Halloween, based on the witches I can imagine it's going to be pretty awesome!!

After you get thru your party let's finally do our coffee get together...or wine, I'm always up for both!

:) T said...

What a fun collection!