Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Let me tell you a story...

...about me Da.

He's a funny one to be sure.
Today he sent me these pictures of his Bougenvilla that sits
outside his office window at home.

Along with the picture he sent a little spiritual message.


I’m sending you 2 more photos ( by separate transmission)

of the beautiful Bougenvillea you gave us. It has been the

absolute star of our summer plants. Maybe we can learn

from this creation. If water is withheld, the blooms become

more colorful. Then, when it’s given a healthy drink, the flowers

multiply! You think it might follow that if we humans deprive

ourselves of some small comforts, our aura or demeanor

might be more pleasing to those around us?



PS In the spirit of “full disclosure”, I think I’m trying to get you

to show the plant on your blog!!!!!!!!!!

Now for those of you that know me well, you have a broad smile across your face and those
of you who do not know me might be saying...oh how sweet or how profound.

Yes, he is sweet but oh so "DEEP". 

He could be a great poet and we definately know
he is already a great story teller.

Better yet, he is the one that provides us with the stories that can fill a library. 

There is never a dull moment for my dear Mother who has been married to him for over 45 years now.
They have been through many storms but weather them all with a smile and a profound sense
of humor.

Now some stories are not allowed to be repeated, so I will share some of the
unrestricted variety.

How about the time when Dad went to work with two different shoes on
and didn't notice until the end of the day.  Walked all over Downtown Chicago
in and out of client meetings, never noticing something felt different.
Most likely because he walks 100 mph.

How about one of the millions of times he sat on a plane and
started up an innocent conversation with the person sitting next to him.
This time he happened to be sitting in this beatiful lady's seat and thus a conversation insued.

While they were talking a third party, which happened to be a man of another race, sat in the open seat.
Conversation continued and she indicated that
she and her husband were off to Paris for their honeymoon.

Insert Dad's comment..."Where is your husband?"...she comes back..."He is sitting next to me."
Dad inserts foot into mouth and quickly starts the back stroke.
Fumble fumble fumble... numberous rounds of cocktails for all, not to mention getting
them into the Red Carpet Club at the Airport and things are
hopefully smoothed over.

This one goes a little further back to my niece's birthday party with a bunch of I believe 8 year olds.
All children are finally seated for lunch and it is now down to a low roar.
Too quiet for Dad, so he taps (open handed slap) one of the kids on
the back of the head and says "Pass it On."
Just put the picture in your mind...pure chaos insues and my Mom about kills him.

How about Golf...love love love it but he is constantly trying to come up with a new swing.
With those new swings he has hit my cousin in the back of the head not only once
but twice on the same hole
just another day.

Practicing golf in the back yard with a net...hummm...
Mom says, "your a little too far back...don't you think..."
Dad, "Wow,  that one went far"....CRASH
One house house down and another to go...and he finally gets it...
move closer to the net.

But for all the funny stories I can tell you ... which makes our life that much better...there are those
that would melt your heart.

He is a man who would give you the shirt off his back and help you any
by any means in his powers. 

He stands up for those who can not stand for themselves. 
Puts their needs above his own. 

His grandchildren adore him for his sense of humor and ability to be "silly"

His children look up to him as he has shown them how to
be the "good" people we are. ( Just a few little knocks in the head along the way)

His family and friends would have had a completely different life
without his influence and guidance and I can honestly say,
we are all better off for having my Dad in our lives.

While the stories can fill volumes of books, I must close now, because that sentamental feeling
has come over me.  The pictures throughout the years bring back a flood of memories
and remind me how blessed I have been and how lucky we all are.

You asked for it you got it Dad!
I love you!


Jen R. said...

What a sweet man! You are so lucky! Is that you at your wedding?

mysteryhistorymom said...

What a fabulous "da" you have! I would love to meet him!:) Lori

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

You made me cry this morning....

Jeanneoli said...

You are all blessed. Any parent whose children can talk about them like that is also blessed!!!

Sheila R said...

You are so blessed to have such a wonderful dad! Thanks for sharing!

tara said...

You crying at work causes a scene...and I am causing one! what a wonderful story Janet...I feelthe same way about me dad too!
P.s. loved his note to you!

Firefly Hill said...

Janet that is just beautiful....what a lovely man your Da is! How lucky you are...


Serena Thompson said...

Oh my goodness, I loved reading this! Thanks for sharing about your wonderful dad.

Artfulife said...

He sounds like such a fun loving person. Thanks for sharing all your memories with us.