Monday, August 10, 2009

100th Post...yes a give away too...

...and I didn't realize it!
Wow!!! When I started writing this blog I didn't know if I could keep up with it or what direction I was going in. That was back in January.

Today we are in August and what a difference 100 posts make.
I have "EVOLVED" in that short span of time.

My faith has been strengthen by all that has happened. Making new friends, focusing on my family, discovering my inner creative artist, starting a small business and finding a new lease on life...all of this in 100 posts.

As in every one's life, there are ups and downs. This year I have had many but with The Accountant standing by my side cheering me on...I am happy to say life keeps getting better.

My kids understand me more than I do myself. They make signs for me and help me come up with more ideas, they are a part of this experience in every way.

My friends from all aspects of my life have offered me so much support that I can hardly express my gratitude. I have learned from them, leaned on them and in return I only hope to offer them the best of me and my love in return.

Since most folks have a give away for their 100th post, I shall follow suit.

So today .... I will give to the lucky winner... a $50.00 gift certificate to...

Plus one of my "Magic Friendship Wands".

To enter: Please leave a comment on how you have "EVOLVED".

A post linking back to my blog will enter you another time!
I will close the give away on Thursday at 11:59pm and announce the winner on Friday morning!

Thank you all for your support through my growing process...I look forward to 100 more!


mysteryhistorymom said...

Congratulations on your 100th post, Sweets! Through my blog I have evolved, too! I have made so many new friends, gained the confidence to open a shop, and learned to try so many new things. It has been such a blessing, and you are one of the many blessings!:) Lori

Jan said...

Lucky us to have you.. Congrats on your milestone.

I have evolved in not caring as much about messes around the house. Use to be so uptight about that. Now I sort of relish a little discord. It makes it feel more homey for some reason to me now. Trust me, this is a huge evolution :)

Simply Stated ~ Rebecca said...

Congratulations on your 100th posts! Evolution ~ such a mysterious process. Fortunately I have found myself not taking things in life so seriously and truly enjoying what is going on right in front of me.

Tara said...

Happy 100th post!! yipee for Anthro! Let's see how have I evolved...that is hard..I think my blog has helped me have a voice ( a really long winded voice) which in return has helped me get some stuff off my chest and clean out the old closet if that makes sense! Cheers to 100 more posts!

Victoria@WhimsybyVictoria said...

Janet...yipee on your 100th post!!! I have adored you from the beginning and felt a true connection right off with you! Thank you for your friendship!! I hope to meet you in person one day...we would have lot's of fun shopping and talking! I am excited about your giveaway! I love your friendship wands and I dare say...never have shopped at Anthro but want to! So, count me in!!

Hugs to you and love friend,

Ms. Tee said...

Happy 100th, sweet Janet! I sure do love *my* wand! I think I've evolved by getting to know different women for all walks/phases of life and getting to see things from their perspective. It's been so much fun & I've really enjoyed it this past year!

KayEllen said...

Rebecca sent me over...

I was just at Anthro yesterday....loving all the new knits around the store.

Congrats on your 100th post!!!

Nice to meet you too!


It' an Evolution said...

Nice to meet you too KayEllen! Welcome and good luck! I have lots of favorites at Anthro right now...can't wait for the cooler weather :)
Take care

Tammi said...
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Tammi said...

Hi, you have a nice blog. I love the photos of the owl and of course the "piggy toes"!! I have been blogging for a very short time publicly (about 1 month). I started with a home renovation blog for my family and friends and discovered this amazing group of fellow bloggers who have so much to share. So here I am, hoping someone will find what I have say slightly interesting and useful in some way.

Happy blogging!


Kasey said...

Congrats Janet on your 100th post.
as you know...I am Anthro's #1 fan...
It's been wonderful getting to know you.

Kasey said...

oops..forgot to talk about how i evolved!!
well...I don't know where i would be without the awesome support i have recieved. Where else could i speak my mind and get 100 percent support?
Thanks girlie

Java Venus said...

Evolution. What an intruiguing word! I know that I have evolved through my artistic endeavors. I make it a goal to create something every day whether it is a silly haiku poem, a pot of soup, knitting a few rows on a project. It really helps feed my soul...and makes me feel oh so happy.

CONGRATULATIONS on your 100th post!! Keep posting!!

tiffany said...

Congratulations on your 100th post! That's so awesome!

For me, evolution means that I have finally started being true to myself and honoring my own feelings and opinions. It only took 30 years to realize how very important that was!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! 100 posts seems like a LOT! Maybe, someday, I will reach such a milestone...

I have evolved tremendously in the last two years: from widow to wife, from depressed to happy, from weak to strong, from Mother of 2...Nonny of 3 to Mother of 6...Nonny of 5 plus Spouses!!!

It has been a glorious, joyful journey through that Dark Valley. And I know, KNOW, that with God, *all* things are possible!!!



Xanna's Jewelry Box said...

Your blog and store are beautiful, calming, and lovely in their simplicity, I enjoy visiting. Congratulations on your 100th post! For me I'm where you were in January. Not knowing if I can keep up or even if people will be interested or care. I guess my goal is to take one day at a time with my business, my family, and with the not so fun stresses we all face in our lives :) Keep up your lovely sites -Xanna

Eleanor said...

Amazing that your giveaway is on my birth week (today begins my forty fifth year of life!)and that your topic is "evolving."

My 93yo Grandmother and my 68 yo Mother passed away within eleven months of each other. "Mimi" (her name is Eleanor, too; I am her namesake) passed on February 28, 2008. Just as we were recovering from our loss, we learned in June 2008 that my mother had stage four lung cancer. On January 24, 2009 she slipped away with my brothers and me at her side.

The losses sent me spiraling into depression, the likes of which I have never experienced. August 2 I hit rock bottom and something snapped; though worn out emotionally and physically that day, I woke up Monday morning a new person. I am not even saying, "I am back" because the woman I am now is not the woman I was a year ago. The evolving me is stronger, more content, less anxious; dare I say "happy?"

At the family gathering after Mimi's funeral, my cousin Elinor Sue, still a beauty in her early seventies, gave me one of the most wonderful compliments I have ever received. She said, "Eleanor, you are every inch the Lady that your grandmother was." That's high praise, as my Mimi was a Lady in every sense of the word.

For reasons I won't divulge here, I have spent my life trying NOT to be like my Mother. I was so busy looking at the parts of her that I did not like that I couldn't see the parts of her that made her the boho free spirit that she came to be. Even as she drew her last breath, she was looking straight at me, lips moving, trying to tell me something; a message I yearn to know.

Even as I withdrew into myself as a means of surviving the depression, the mantle of my Mother's free spirit and creativity descended sweetly upon my shoulders, wrapping around me like a shawl, entwining with my spirit.

Yes, I am still a Lady through and through, but now a Lady with a new found sense of creativity, individuality, and hope. Ideas for personal adornments made of leather, upcycled fabrics, metals, jewels, and other items flow from me faster than I can create them. I am taking my first art class on September 18th, picking up the brushes that my Mother no longer has need for.

A life well lived is a life of evolving; now I look forward to the day that someone bestows upon me new words of praise: "You are every bit the creative spirit that your Mother was."

Thank you, Mimi and MarMar for helping me in evolving into the free spirited lady that I am becoming.

Tracey said...

Well happy 100 my friend! What a great giveaway!! So glad we found eachother through blogland:)


Cindy said...

Congratulations on your big milestone. I'm happy to have found your blog. Your wands are so sweet...I love the German glass glitter and the sentiments on each. I have evolved over time, now life with 4 not sweat the small stuff. I'm still working on it, but I'm really trying to let things go that are just not that important. Thanks for a fun give away!

Suzen said...

Hello! I would say that I have evolved into someone I never would have believed just a short time ago. I am 60 this year and feel younger and more alive than ever. I have wisdom to share with others going through hard times and have a lightness and sense of humor about my own life that makes it possible to enjoy things more and take more chances. What a surprising and happy "evolvement"! And thanks for such a wonderful giveaway--Anthropologie rocks!!

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Dear Janet, Congrats on your 100th and cheers to a lot more evolution to come!

Olivia said...

I just stumbled on your blog today and it's lovely! I lived in Batavia for 20+ years and now live very much alone in North Carolina. How fun to see "Sugar Grove" and "Fox Valley" again. Your paintings are wonderful! Congratulations.

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Happy 100. Let's see, how have I evolved? Well, I'm more courageous to just do it - whatever it may do. I'm inspired by so many and I think if they can do it, why not!

Raised In Cotton~Carol said...

Hi Janet:))

This is so funny since you are celebrating your 100th BUT YOU WON MY GIVEAWAY for the Jeanne d Arc Living Magazines.

Thank You so much for all of your support and congratulations:)))Just email me your address

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