Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The last photos...

....of 2009 and my hopes for 2010.

I have been reflecting on the
year 2009 and have come to many new conclusions.

It's been an amazing ride for this cowgirl and by God I am still on my horse.

Here are just  few of my many tangled thoughts.

I have learned of a wider world out there and I know
it has so much more to offer... I only need to ask for it.

If I search out the answers to my questions
I will find them...eventually.

It only takes my time and desire to get more out of life.
Put forth an effort and the rewards will be ten fold.

There are good people in this world, who are ready to
open up their hearts and offer a kind
word or a compassionate gesture.
They are hiding in the most interesting places...just seek them out.

As the world seems to be falling apart all around us we need to 
 look into each others souls because, deeply
embedded in this world is its heart, a heart that thrives on the goodness that
is the human spirit.

I believe the human spirit keeps this world together.
With all the terrible things we hear each day,
we can counter those stories with 100 more
great stories of human kindness.


In 2010 my goal is to search out the positive in life, look for the goodness
in others and continue my quest for happiness in all that I do.

Sometimes easier said than done.

The road before me is filled with potholes waiting suck me in...but I am much
better prepared for this trip ... I have sharpened my defensive driving techniques this time around the block.  My reaction time will be much quicker as I approach the rough roads because I have learned
and I will continue to learn how to keep focused on what great things lie ahead.

I will not get stuck on the negative...I will pry myself from its grips.

They say... take things in small step for best success.
In my world it's baby steps...
...each day needs to be taken on an individual basis and lived to its fullest.

If I can remember that...I should be good.

I am the TURTLE you know.

Finally...my pictures from Christmas Eve.

Oh ...you just had to be there.


Kasey said...

beautiful post Janet!
Your table looked fabulous.
I'm so glad we were able to connect over coffee!!!

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Dear Janet, we hope the 2010 will bring you and your family lots of positive energy and conquered dreams!

traci said...

what a beautiful post janet. you have learned a lot this year. i wish you nothing but love and joy in the new year. i am thankful that this last year brought new friends like you into my life. i am blessed. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Wizard of Was said...

Wonderfully said! You made such sense out of so many of my exact thoughts! Thank you for having the where=with=all to put it so eloquently! Happy New Year!

Jen R. said...

Everything looks gorgeous! I hope it's a great new year for you! We'll catch up sometime!!!! :) Jen

tara said...

Happy New Year Janet! wonderful post...best wishes for 2010! blessings, Tara

Simply Stated ~ Rebecca said...

Janet ~ wonderful words of wisdom! I love your table settings they are beautiful and your tree...it's beautiful too!
Many, many wishes for a fabulous New Year! ~ Rebecca

Suz said...

Those are some of the wisest words I have read in ages. Thanks for being so willing to share so openly. You really help me to think more thoroughly and deeply.


Debe said...

You are so Philosophical! I am so happy to have met you at SB and wish we lived closed to each other. I would love to sit and chat with you! Hope you & your Family have a wonderful new year!

Firefly Hill said...

Happy New Year! Your table looks beautiful...


Anonymous said...


Eva said...

What a beautiful post, you put into words what i have been thinking

Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

I came by to check out your blog. I haven't been here before, but since I am planning on coming to the Chicagoland Girlfriends Blogger Meet and Greet I thought I'd check out other people who might be there! Hello.