Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Shake, Rattle

and Scream!

If you live in northern Illinois
you know what I am talking about.

At approximately 4:00 AM
we had an Earthquake!

In the middle of the United State of America
we had a ground popping earthquake!

Approximately 4.0

Our whole house was a rockin...I woke up yelling for
my husband and grabbed him around the neck
asking "what's going on!?!?"

My heart was in my throat as I looked outside to see the other
neighbors flicking on their lights. 

The phone started ringing
as we all asked if each other felt and heard the same thing.
Thankfully we were all ok.

The funny side to this story...the Accountant always ready with a joke
said, "I was just afraid the pictures were going to tumble on my head."
Asking why he wouldn't worry about me, his reply was,
"the ones above your head are most likely bolted to the wall."

Our bedroom...I am on the right side of the bed.


Victoria@WhimsybyVictoria said...

Wow...what a way to wake up!! So glad you all are alright! That does sound very scary and you wouldn't expect it in there. Glad the pictures didn't fall and at least your husband can add a little humor to a serious moment. lol Your I love your room color, beautiful! Hugs and love friend,


Firefly Hill said...

I know how scary that must have been! We lived in Redondo Beach CA during the Northridge quake in 1994....VERY SCARY!! The house was rocking and rolling like a boat on the ocean.

I cant believe you had one in IL. How are the kids? Did they sleep through it?


Emily said...

Oh! The excitement! Glad to hear it was the kind that didn't shake things up in an all too negative manner! Always dreamy to peek at the bits you display so well over here!
Best wishes!

Jeanneoli said...

If I were you I would bolt those pictures down:-) My parents felt it too and they were 53 miles away. Glad you are all ok.

traci said...

it was quite scary. my husband and son were out plowing and they didn't feel it at all.

Jennifer Rizzo said...

HI Janet! I have your plate! I had so much fun yesterday! Glad you could come!!! Happy Valentine's Day!