Monday, September 29, 2008

Lets Get it Started

It is time for me to get this business going and in the next coming months I hope to bring lots of ideas and thought process to the table.
My passion is creating a welcoming and inviting home for family and friends to share in. I enjoy the creative passion of my friends and counterparts that I have met over the years. I have learned so much from everyone and I too want to join in the fun of starting my own business. I have seen many of you start from something small and grow it into wonderful outlets of creative self-expression.
Hopefully over time I will get in contact with more friends and continue to "evolove". It is a life long dream for me to help people enjoy life and live it to its full potential. Surrounding yourself with people and things that you love is just the beginning.
My hope is to share my ideas and sucesses with everyone as I navigate the waters. I look for input as to how you manage your passions as well as your families, keeping everyone happy and in tact.
My husband John is behind me, supporting me all the way as well as my family, friends and wonderful three children.
Join me as I start my journey.

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