Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Its taken some time

Well since September I have not done a darn thing with this site and now that I finally have the opportunity I am going to get this whole thing up and running.

Christmas season this year was a little interesting. I ended up having surgery 10 days before the holiday and had to recoup since. Christmas decorating around my house had to be done before hand as well as my neighbor/client's home. We were busy trying to get everyone settled before the day of reckoning.

I have never sat around for a holiday. I have always entertained my family and friends. This year family and friends took care of me. It was the strangest sensation as I still felt it was my job to host them as they entered our home.....

My husband John did his very best to take over my role and did so with such character. He served, cleaned and hosted with the best of them. He was a force.

The kids were magical. They helped in every way they could and gave me so much love I thought my heart would burst.

My Parents were there every step of the way, from entertaining the kids to my Dad sneaking me out of the hospital to get home as soon as possible. ( I was released but it took too long to get an orderly to wheel me to the car, Dad found an unused wheel chair and away we went. )

My friends and neighbors all chipped in with dinners, playtime for the kids and movies to keep me occupied. They were unbelievable, showing up on Christmas Day with food for an army. They set up served, enjoyed and cleaned it all before heading home. Their company meant the world to me as we were confined to our home for the holidays.

My thanks go out to all of you and I only hope that I can one day repay your kindness and love.

Now as for getting my creative juices flowing again I have decided to keep this blog in order to share ideas, get feedback and in general join the community of the "oh so talented people" who's blogs and websites I follow.

I am including some pics of my most recent endeavors and hope you enjoy. I look forward to sharing more as time progresses and I get back on my feet.

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