Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Inspiration comes from many places

My brain is just a mess. Zeroing in on what makes me tick and how can I take that ticking and make it a business.

During one of my brian storming sessions this morning I happened to read A Bushel and a Peck and had one of those AHA moments.

I am so impressed at how people can do so many things and be so darn good at it. The author of this site just amazes me with all that she does. It was her question about "what is an artist?" that caught me today and even made me cry.

As I read the blog post I determined that an artist is anyone who looks at the world and sees beauty, takes that beauty and tries to capture it to share it with others. I have always wanted to be an artist and by this definition, I think I might be.

Just the other day I posted my first item for sale on Etsy and feel as if I have finally broken the chains that have held me back. I have held myself back for fear that what I produce might not hold up to the standard of the other artists on Etsy.

After reading A Bushel and a Peck this morning it gave me the hope that I needed and told me to keep moving forward and keep discovering who I am. I know I have it in me and I have to be myself. I have my own unique talent and I am an individual but, an indivual who is also an artist.

I thank all of you out there who share you stories and give the inspiration to keep trying and keep reaching. Sharing with one another helps make the world a better place, one step at a time.


Firefly Hill said...

Thanks for visiting me and for leaving your lovely comments...! My camera is a Fuji Finepix Z and it is from Walmart...under $200. Congrats on your etsy shop...I am going to check it out!


It' an Evolution said...

Thanks Annie,
There's not much there now but more to come. Thanks for the camera info...you take some amazing shots...Fuji should hire you as a spokewoman :)