Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's beginning to look like a change....

The creative juices are flowing once again and I am excited to start moving everything around and interjecting a few new creations. This has to last for a month or so until I can get myself out shopping again.

I am slowly learning that I can’t do everything, although I try my best to think that I can. So as a part of this evolutionary process I have found that although I could make a lot of things myself, there are tons of other creative people out there that can do it even better.

There are those things that only I can create as they exist in my heart and can only be extracted by my over active brain. Floral arranging for example is a favorite of mine, so much so that the employees at Hobby Lobby see me coming and just want to hide. “Please don’t let that crazy women come into my checkout lane.” While their bosses are saying….”thank goodness she is hear again, we can meet our monthly numbers”.

As time passes the need for more flowers is becoming apparent as this Christmas Holiday I cleaned out my local Hobby Lobby. It might be time I look into wholesale, but that too might open a new can of worms for my checkbook. What am I to do??

My family, neighbors, and friends have all allowed me to experiment with their homes as I fill them up with the fruits of my labors. If it weren’t for them my house would look like a botanic garden and my husband John might just run away screaming.

To see my work space makes most people cry in anguish and wonder how the heck anyone could make sense of the mess. I love to sit on the floor with myself surrounded by the supplies needed for what ever I am doing. At this point in time it is flowers for Valentines Day along with anything else I might need. (Diet Coke is a must have for these types of occasions.)

Many times I put something together and then tear it all apart and then sometimes it feels just right and I leave it alone. I am sure many of you have the same feelings as you create and when you get just that right look, it makes you just want to jump up and give the old Tiger Woods fist pump.

I am in the throws of creating now and find myself pulling things apart. I have had a few triumphs but still working through the creative block happening now.

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