Friday, January 9, 2009


You might be wondering why I named my site, “It’s an Evolution”. It comes from one of my favorite past times, sharing a glass of wine with my friends and sharing life.

My friend Peggy introduced me to a fabulous wine, EVOLUTION by Sokol Blosser. Ever since my first sip I knew this was a perfect wine for me. From the great package design to the name, to the mellow taste, it called my name.

It also gave me pause to think about life in general, it is an evolution. My likes and dislikes have changed over time and some things have remained a constant.

One thing that has always been a constant is my desire to decorate and create comfortable living spaces. It has been with me since I have been old enough to move my furniture and have tea parties.

As a child I was blessed with having my own room and to make matters even better I had the largest room in the house. The upstairs of our cape cod hosted two bedrooms and I luckily received the larger of the two.

Mom having patience and a whole lot of talent helped me create my own perfect space. Over the years I must have rearranged it hundreds of times. She and my father also taught me how to host a great party. Their creativity inspired me and game me my foundation that makes me who I am today.

As I grew and moved on in life I created “spaces” for myself and friends. Dorm rooms and apartments were blank canvases waiting for me. Needless to say, I wasn’t the most studious as I really loved my job as social chair for many different organizations that I belonged to. (Sorry Mom and Dad)

I do think it game me the springboard I need today and to discover what it is that really makes me tick. If you look at the one thing in your life that is a constant I think you can truly find what you are meant to do and what will make you the happiest.

“It’s an Evolution” is my motto as this stage of my life. They say that as you get older you become wiser. I only hope that is true in my case because I feel my drive to learn and become a better person is at its strongest point ever.


Jen r. said...

HI! i just saw you are almost my neighbor! ;) thanks for visiting my blog. I keep meaning to get out to your area, I hear there's a Woodman's there!

Kitri said...

We are so pleased to see our wine on your blog! It's wonderful to hear that you not only enjoy it, but that Evolution is a good pair for your life. Your blog has wonderful stories and we're so glad to be a part of it.

If you're ever in the Oregon area, we'd love for you to come and visit so we can show you around the Winery!

All the best, and cheers!

Kitri McGuire
Marketing Communications Manager
Sokol Blosser Winery