Sunday, January 25, 2009

Retail Therapy

This weekend I made the escape from my everyday routine of cold weather lock down/recouperation time and went to my one of my favorite shops for inspiration. Scentimental Gardens in Geneva, Illinois. To my delight they had just stocked up with new finds from their latest trip to Europe.

I need to go back and soak it all in because I came away with only one item I coveted and really really want. I know there is no way I only wanted one thing...impossible.
Isn't it beautiful...I can see storing a great treasure in there, although I love the display with the baseballs. So stinkin cool.

I did purchase some new plants that I plan on putting around the house after I transplant them in to the most adorable containers. Thos pics come tomorrow when I reveal my next level of change to my house. I am thinking spring and green....

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