Sunday, November 8, 2009

Another birthday...

...for my little girl.

Today my Hannah Mary
turns 9 years old.

I never thought I would ever see
such a wonderful time in my life.

The joy that our children bring to me and The Accountant
is overwhelming and immense.

There are days when life is handing me a blow and all
I need to do is look into their eyes.

All problems seem to melt away!

These past few weeks have been a little trying for me.

I suffer from depression and an autoimmune disorder which
after much testing, we still can not define.

So in trying to balance my mental heatlh and my physical health
I am hitting many bumps along the way.

It is nothing I can't handle...because I know what I need to do and
I have the courage to confront it.

Our kids are nothing short of a miracle, as all children are.

It's worth the fight to battle forth and fight for the
right to enjoy each moment we have

What I thought was going to be a sad and mysterious post about depression has taken a turn.
Looking through these pictures from Friday at the Zoo I no longer
feel down or confused.

I know what is important again...I am brought to center by the love
I have from my children and my husband.


What is important in life?



Artfulife said...

You will be in my prayers! Yes life is full of so much happiness, especially in our homes if we just take a moment to see it. I agree with you there. Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter :)

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

You have been very busy lately and that does not help, Janet. You need to take care of your self and rest! Your kids are beautiful and they need you strong and healthy! Many hugs,

Firefly Hill said...

Happy Birthday to beautiful Hannah!
Take care of yourself are in my thoughts and prayers.



Jen R. said...

Happy Birthday Hannah! I hope you do take care of yourself Janet! It was lovely meeting you again and we need to get together very soon!

Kasey said...

happy bday to your girl.
when were you at the zoo?? we were there satufday and it was gorgeous!!