Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Dirty Socks...

.... have been laundered.

I have returned home from my adventure and
I can honestly say it was a true adventure.

Any town with a bar named O'Connor's is ok with me

Taking off to an unknown event with just an small knowledge
of what lies ahead was certainly a test for
this creative soul.

I have to say... staying in my room became an option and I even went as far to call the airlines about booking a return flight the day after I arrived.
I couldn't figure out what the hell I was thinking when I booked this event.

While nerves and self doubt floated around in my head, common sense talked me back into reality..."you paid good money to do this and you know darn well why you wanted to come."

Original inspiration for going...Charlotte Lyons

My reasoning for attending Silver Bella was to meet some of the other creative women I have only seen through blogging and reading.  I wanted to know if they were are real as me and if it would be possible to connect and learn from them.
It is hard to explain what goes on in this mind but, I know there are other gals out there that experience much of what I do on a daily basis.

I can't remember who did this but I love love love it and have saved it for so long.

One of those people I longed to meet was Jo Packham.
I read Where Women Create and have read her
Letters with great anticipation.

The specific letter in question, talked about succeeding and failing.
It spoke to me on so many different levels that I thought Jo really knew
what it felt like to be me, or at least I felt much like her.
She was a real person who made mistakes but has learned from them and in the end she, in my estimation, has overcome any faultering.  She is succeeding and moving forward.
Along the way she is taking time to inspire and touch others who can relate and who admire her for her strenght and honesty. 
She is a real person without an aire about her,
who talked to everyone that wanted to connect with her.
She did not make you feel silly or small...she was genuinely interested in what you had to say
and in return you got a wonderfully warm feeling.

While Jo spoke at our Saturday luncheon, it amazed me as to how many women felt
compelled to laugh and cheer as Jo explain what it is that she does.
Her genuine appreciation for artists all over became apparent as she shed a little tear
and choked up, trying to explain how lucky she felt to have so
many wonderful creative people in her life.
I think we all had that tear in our eye for a number of reasons.
We too are blessed to have so many people in our lives that inspire, encourage and support our longing to create and to be appreciated for what it is that we do.

She could have talked all day ... personally, I think if she sat down and shared a glass of wine with all of us it would have been a perfect afternoon.

I meet several women who attended this event in the same fashion I did.
They left their home took off on their own adventures, not knowing what they would find.
Some how many of us found one another and shared our
experiences and talents

I thank all of you that I met.
You have made my life richer.

There are so many other aspects of this event that I think you should know so ...
tomorrow (since Shea and Mud Puddle keep asking for help with their
Spiderman Book) I will explain a little more about what it is that I learned and took away from this event.  It's not as easy to put it into works as you would think.
Emotions are mixed.


Kasey said...

I'm so glad you came away with a fullfilment!
I can't wait to see more pic's and tales of your adventure.
I also can't wait to see you in a few weeks!!!

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

We are here waiting to hear details...we have always been curious about this event, but not curious enough to actually attend, your experience might give us the push we need to finally visit it next time around!

Wizard of Was said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, doubts and inspirations. I think we all have them. But, gathering with like women will always inspire each and everyone to move to the next level with confidense and afformation and that we can support each other along the path to be creative and so much more! Silver Bella sounds just amazing!

My Best

Firefly Hill said...

Welcome back Janet....

I love your honesty and that you dont sugar coat things...I really love that about you. I cant wait to hear more about Silver Bella. How wonderful that you were able to meet Jo Packham.


Suz said...


I am waiting to hear what you have to say. I had a wonderful time in many ways...but as a first year person, I felt a little lost. Maybe the first year people should all get together each year,

I wish I had spent more time with you...I have a strong picture of you as a lovely woman...inward and out.


sabrinasane said...

Well, found your blog (and a beautiful one at that), and then was waiting for your post. Totally agree with your words about Jo Packham, she really moved me. Now that the glitter is settling down, I have time to reflect on the mecca of inspiration and the wonderful people. I can't wait to hear the rest of your story, you have a way with words!

Jeanneoli said...

It was so nice seeing you at Silver Bella. I don't remember the last time I have been that tired...especially after that drive. I hope you brought something home that blessed you. I am more of a small crowd girl and wouldn't do Silver Bella again but I love the creative women I spent time with. I am interested in the rest of your thoughts on your adventure. So sad that you almost went home!!!

tiny elf studio said...

If my sister hadn't been with me, I would have called the airlines about flying home too.

Even with my sister, I had that sick, "knot in your stomach" feeling that I wasn't welcome and didn't fit in.

I felt like I was reliving my awkward/angst ridden high school days.


SherryRoseBella said...

This was my 1st year at Silver Bella, too & I understand exactly how you felt. Even though I knew several people I still felt alone at times...I thought it was just me!! I agree with Betsy's comment...it felt like I was in high school!!! I wish I had met you & we could have hung out together. I plan to go back because I enjoyed the classes & Vendor's night...oh..& of course, Jo Packham!! If everyone was like her it would be a more beautiful world!