Friday, September 18, 2009

Can you....

....smell it in the air?

I absolutely love the clean, fresh, crispness of fall air. 
There is nothing like it. 
Cool and invigorating with skies of glistening blue.
The leaves changing ever so slowly to their destined colors of gold, amber and scarlet.
Most of all I love to change things up around here as well.

Out with the withering summer flowers and in with the fresh fall selection.
There is a time in between fall and Halloween where your decorating is in limbo,
so right now the porch is in stradling between the two.

Come and have a sit and a glass of wine, we can discuss all the great things that are coming up...
Namely for me, Silver Bella, which happens in November!!
  We received our packing list of supplies to bring and most imporatantly we have to finish our swaps.

I just finished my second swap..."Sugar and Spice" ATC Cards.

I have never made and ATC Card but hope that these will do....

One more swap to go and it's one that I think one will really challenge me...Holiday Fabric Fat Book!
Michelle Geller is hosting this swap and I was lucky enough to squeek in because of a miscount .
While doing some research about Fabric Fat Books, I came across some of these pictures.

This was last year's FatBook as seen on Inspireco

I only hope I can pull this one off...some great works of art to live up to.


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

You'll have no trouble, Janet!!...BTW, the porch looks so inviting...we could definitely sit there and chat forever!

April Pantall said...

Your porch is adorable - I can just picture drinking hot cocoa out there on fall mornings!

Wanda said...

Those are adorable ATCs and I'm one of the lucky ones who will be receiving one. :) I can't wait to see what you come up with for the fatbook.

Simply Stated ~ Rebecca said...

Autumn is my favorite time of year and to sit and chat on your lovely porch with some wine sounds wonderful! Love the pictures. Have a great weekend.

Sheila R said...

You'll do a fantastic job on you Fabric Fat Book as I just love the Mini Art Quilts you sent! Less than 2 months away!

Jen R. said...

Love how your porch looks!

Firefly Hill said...

Love your new banner/logo and your fall decorating. I really need to go get my mums...I have a bunch of dead stuff on the front porch! Your Siler Bella things are so cute..I wish I was going!


Firefly Hill said... I meant Silver Bella...haha. oops!

traci said...

your porch is beautiful. i am really jealous. gorgeous mums - costco?