Monday, March 9, 2009


Hooked on Houses recently posted that she is hooked on Children's Playhouses. I would have to agree with her but since my brood is growing so fast I have an even better idea!

This past issue of Country Living featured a 'Glammed up Green House' . It made my heart skip a beat and now I need to recreate it at some point in the near future. I have always loved creating little spaces to get away and relax.

As a child I created a "comfy zone" in one of my closets. I had the upstairs bedroom of a cape cod and all those lost spaces in the angled walls were perfect for child sized spaces. I furnished with every pillow I could find, all my cool Hardy Boys posters and maps of places that I wanted to go.

Now that my taste has changed a little bit, just remove the Hardy Boys and replace with George Clooney, I need a grown up room bigger than my small closet. This green house would be absolutely amazing for afternoon tea (or a glass of Evolution) with the girls, quiet time reading a book, or its original purpose of cultivating flowers.

At this point in time I am not sure if my lot could handle such a building but maybe an addition to the back of my house :) Kind of like a covered porch but cooler.

One of my favorite decorators is Mary Carol Garrity. Her sense of style is rooted in the classical with a touch of fun. Two years ago we visited her home in Atchison, Kansas when she had one of her popular open houses. In the back yard was this outstanding all glass canopy. The roof was actually layers of glass slats. I have coveted this item for ever!

Well, last year we visited her new Store in Kansas City and there was the canopy all dressed up and looking me straight in the face. Unfortunately, it was not for sale and last that I heard Mary Carol had not figured out a way to mass produce this item.

So, it is up to me to figure out what would work for my space. This lovely green house is even more inspiring with it's closed in walls for extra protection on a rainy day. How to make it happen...hummmmmmmmm the wheels are a turning!
Many of my friends are now saying..good luck with that...your married to "The Accountant".


Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

Oh, I LOVE this. I can't stop staring at the photos. If I had a space like this behind my house, I'd never leave it! :-)

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh I love the first image.

Heather Bailey lives here in Phoenix. She is wonderful!

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

I also saw those picts and LOVED them!! Could actually kill (not really) for a place like that!!! Thank you so much for visiting our blog today, we will be following yours...

Anonymous said...

I love these photos, I have a couple on my blog today too! I would love to have a space like this too! I smiled when I saw them here. I followed here from Nice and Easy Antiques...I am off to keep reading your blog! Have a grea day!

Ms. Tee said...

These photos are just soooo pretty. I would never leave if I had a place like this to relax!

pink cupcake vintage said...

so pretty! love the chandeliers!