Friday, March 6, 2009

March of Tools

I am a follower of Heather Bailey's blog and found that she is doing a fun adventure called the March of Tools.

We all have our favorite tools that we use almost daily...mine happen to be these beauties...wire cutters or nippers.

I use them for cutting the flower stems when I put together artificial floral arrangements. I guess their original purpose was for the auto industry as cable cutters...ahhh what do they know.

I love the long handles as they are very easy to grip and they give awesome leverage for the really hard thick floral wire.

My dear friend Dave Downard at Matco Tools set me up with this pair. He informed me they have a life time warranty, so if they ever do not cut..I can get a new pair. I am not sure he knew what he was getting into when he said that.

So far so good, they have lasted just about a year and still cut like butter. I have blown through other nippers in a months time, so that says a lot for these babies.

I have plenty of other gadgets around the house that I just love, but these have been most valuable to me because they make the job so much easier on my hands.
What's your favorite tool...check out Heathers Blog and take a peek at what others are sharing.


Jen r. said...

I love good clippers. i am going to check it out.. I have a drill I am pretty partial too! :) jen

Beth Quinn said...

what a cute post !! i loove all my jewelry making tools would be lost without them - and my soldering iron ! have a wonderful weekend !!

Ki said...

I'm rather fond of my Tomboy tool driver. It's pink and powerful! Will have to check into the lifetime guarantee. My clippers rarely last a season!

azurerocket said...

That does look like a good pair of clippers and a lifetime warranty would be great! I'll have to check out Matco.

Anonymous said...


This is Dave. I have to mention, this is the first time I have commented on a craft making(?) blog. These are awesome cutters, are made in Germany of ChromeVanad(i)um, and they have many varieties of cutters. As Janet stated, they have a no questons asked lifetime of the too warranty. They are made by Knipex, part number on a Matco truck PCD10. If you are reaaly interested, let Janet know.

Anonymous said...

Dave Agian. Sorry about teh tpyso.