Friday, March 27, 2009

Inspiration .... Spring Hats

Ok...obsession begins again.
I have always been a hat freak.

In high school...being the dork that I was...I had an old fedora that I use to wear. Not sure why I loved it so but it did make me look different???

The hat then went to college with me and thankfully a very kind young man traded hats with me...I ended up with a Chicago Blackhawks baseball hat. I still have it till this day.

As I matured, if you want to call it that, I still had a love of hats. Laura Ashley was huge at the time of my maturity and all her dresses had coordinating hats. I had several of these beauties and wore them proudly.

My absolute favorite outfit has been worn to death. My hat is no longer functioning and The Accountant laughs at the fullness of what he calls "the pregnancy dress". No, I was not pregnant when I bought it...must have been wishful thinking on my part. I still refuse to give it away because the fabric is outstanding and it just makes me happy.

Last year for the First Communion/Derby Party we asked that all the ladies wear a hat. My friends obliged and we had a great time.

Hannah even got in on the act.

Jeannie over at A Bushel and a Peck posted some of her favorite shopping finds today, which included an awesome hat. I loved it so much I went to etsy and purchased a linen version in the same style. I blame it all on you Jeannie

From Bonnie's Knitting...Hats from the Past

So, I thought I would shop for some more hats and this is what I came up with.

Haute Andi has this outstanding Beach Bowler for sale.

Nadine of New York has this beauty on Etsy

Karen Meyers has this adorable hat as well... had this hat which reminds me of the hat I brought on my honeymoon. Picture this...alabaster white skin with a red and white bathing suit and this huge white think I stood out on the Jamaican Beach???

Moral of the story...if you love hats...wear them. They are a fashion style that has been left on the wayside. Let's bring it back to front and least this time I will have better fashion sense and not wear the fedora.


annechovie said...

I had a dress very similar to the Laura Ashley one you showed - but no hat! Thanks for your visit and kind comment! Have a great weekend.

Kasey said...

I'm a hat finatic for sure.

TrekkerT said...

I am in love with that first hat from the past! Those can be difficult to wear around and you have to choose what you wear very carefully but it's fabulous! What a find...