Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Flu Bug has Hit....

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Just when you think you have escaped the dreaded flu, it strikes without warning. My poor Hannah woke up with a "bad tummy" this morning and didn't want to go to school. It was hard to tell if she was really sick or just looking for a day off. Thankfully before we even went into school, I brought her back home to the safety of our couch. It was there she was able to find the perfect spot on our couch, may I say in a gentle way to say ... "feel much better". (Maybe John will let me start looking for a new couch :) )

So to pass the time and try to bring a little sunshine into the house, we planted some of our new plants from Scentamental Gardens. The temperature has dipped, yet again, and the winds have started roaring at 30 mph bringing with them snow, it only seemed fitting to start planting.
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The groundhog in the Chicagoland area saw his shadow yesterday and predicted 6 more weeks of winter. The Doherty's are just going to have to buck it up and use a positive mental attitude to break this unbelievable cycle of winter weather. The only way, outside of a nice warm vacation (hint hint John), is to think Spring and think green.
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This great looking Jasmine plant is from Trader Joe's and only cost $9.00!! The flowers are small and delicate, while the shape is perfect for a topiary, but beware the scent is a little distinctive.
So here is hoping that a little optimism will go a long way and bring spring closer. Gotta run...duty calls.

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