Monday, February 23, 2009

Suspended State of Animation

Thank you Harold Davis for this wonderful picture.

Like these flowers stuck in drops of water, I too feel like I am in suspended animation. The winter season is on the cusp of what may be spring but….. not really. Old man winter is not ready give up his hold on the Midwest just yet.

I have stripped the house bare of all things winter and really want to start putting together all my spring floral arrangements and start the spring decorating process, (can we say forcing the issue). But, I can’t bring myself to do it with the fresh 4 inches of snow we received Friday night, it just does not seem right.

So, I am waiting and trying to be patient but, I am seriously losing my grip with this cold weather.

It gets a little more serious when it comes to some personal issues in our life. We are at a certain point with so many things were we just can’t quite pull the trigger on any type of decision. We are playing a waiting game here as well, with the hope of a clearer picture soon.

Personally, we just don’t know what the right decision will be at this point, so we wait.

The world is moving out there but I am stuck, frozen in time waiting for the big light to go on and tell me its time to get going again.

My heart knows it all comes down to placing things in God’s Hands and letting Him guide me in the right direction. Saying this is so much easier than actually doing it, because I really just want the path to be laid out in front of me with big giant “GO HERE” signs. I know that is not reality, can't blame a girl for hoping.

It's like being on a tight rope and just hoping your next step is the right one.

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