Friday, February 13, 2009


Just wanted to wish all of you a very "heart" felt Happy Valentines Day.

As you may have guessed, I love to decorate for each holiday and so my house is ever evolving. One of my least favorite tasks, when it comes to holidays, is taking down Christmas Decorations. It makes me so sad because the house appears empty and so much less colorful. So instead of taking down all my greens, I re-purpose them as Valentine trees and garlands.

This is my Valentine Tree for 2009. Unfortunately, after this weekend it will have to make way for the spring decor that will come out of storage in anticipation of the warmer weather. I know Spring is coming, I do believe it!

My friend's husband told me I don't really have to take the tree down. He said, "better yet, change it into a "Chicago Cubs Tree"". He hopes it will be good luck and might help bring home a World Series Trophy....???? Unfortunately, both are not likely to happen.

I have been collecting a few heart ornaments from Etsy and wanted to share the artists who helped make my tree look so special. Thank you so much to Bella Maria for the "I love you heart" and Blondeheart for the "Strawberry Heart". And don't forget my favorite, "The Key to My Heart" by .... Me.

The tree has gained a little notoriety in my neighborhood because I am the only nut case that still has a Christmas Tree up :) Oh well, I feel their love.

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Kelly said...

Your Valentine tree is just adorable! Thank you for showing a pic of my strawberry heart!

Hugs, Kelly