Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wonder Mutt

Just wanted to share with you one of the most unbelievable dogs...our Maggie. She will be two years old this May.

John and I had never owned a dog before and when we got married I thought for sure we would get a puppy right away.It seems that all my ideas take some time to be fully understood. John finally broke down when our kids got a little older and when he thought we could handle the extra work. It was then that he gave me a yellow light, or what I thought was a green light to begin the search for our own pup. ( I put a deposit down on her before I even told John ...ooops ) I found what would be the perfect compliment to our family.

Maggie is labeled a Cavachon, a cavalier spaniel and bichon mix. We just refer to her as "wonder mutt". She loves to be loved and loves to give love.

As all Doherty stories go...he who fights it the most, ends up loving it the most. So, it's no wonder that John is Maggie's best playmate. Maggie has him wrapped around her little paw and to add to her charms, she looks at him with those deep, pleading eyes...."play with me, you know you want to!!"

I have to say dog ownership has been an enriching experience. One that teaches love, patience and understanding. It also reminds us to take a little time and just play togehter!

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Jerri - Simply Sweet Home said...

Oh cute! I love little dogs like this!